About Me

As an online marketer of nature photography with a focus on flowers, trees & landscapes, I am inspired to take hundreds of photos waiting for the optimal sunlight, shading, or motion to create a unique masterpiece for your interior design. I have been doing photography for over 20 years. I started to sell my photography 10 years ago when my brother Ron said, "you need to sell your photos, they are too good not to share with others." I set up my website and started doing photography shows at coffee shops, office spaces and restaurants.

You can see one of my photos on a door (#22) at 1600 Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder. This photo taken on an amazing fall day is of a leaves reflecting from the lake. It is part of the Boulder Alley Art Project and I am thrilled that the door will have my photograph on it for the next 10 years!

I have entered many photography contests and was honored to have my photos chosen as a winner. I have had my photography featured in Dave's Gardens Annual Calendar, featured in Ponds and Gardens Magazine, received honorable mention at the Philadelphia Flower Show for two years in a row. I have done commercial photography work for Pith+Vigor Magazine, Nectars Landscape and Design in Titusville, NJ and Massive Dynamics in Princeton, NJ. I have given public speaking engagements for Friends of Princeton Open Space, Garden Club of Princeton, and Garden Club of Lawrenceville. I was a 2018 Winner of the Lux Designer Awards Best Landscape & Nature Photographer - New Jersey. My photography is for sale on my website, Facebook, and Instagram.

I am a nature photographer who loves to "make something from nothing." And just to keep my plate full, I love to share my gardening and photography stories in a variety of public speaking engagements either in the garden, woods, or an indoor setting. I am passionate about gardening and creating fairy gardens for my community to enjoy. You can also learn about my gardening adventures and photos on my blog. I am happily married for 35 years and have two amazing adult daughters. I have lived in many places in the USA. I grew up on Long Island, New York, moved to San Diego, California for 12 years, then up to the San Francisco Bay Area in San Carlos, California for 8 years and back to the east coast to Princeton, New Jersey for 11 years. We then moved west again to Boulder, Colorado where we live right near the foothills.

Selfie at Canyonlands National Park, Utah